Welcome to the official website of the Lompoc Concert Association. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to foster and encourage public appreciation of the live arts and the teaching of music and the history of music. It is also here to promote interest in live performance and to encourage the performance of live music by qualified artists. This association also builds and maintains a permanent concert audience in Lompoc, California and its surrounding areas.

Mission Statement

LCA fosters appreciation of the musical arts by bringing national and international performers to Lompoc through our annual series of affordable concerts and by providing educational outreach.

Upcoming Events

Frisson Ensemble—February 1, 2019

An explosive group of rising classical stars from the top music schools in the country. This six-piece ensemble entertains with various combinations of strings and winds. Their program includes classical works by Beethoven, Mozart, a traditional Celtic suite and Ennio Morricone’s Gabriel’s Oboe. A new presentation of classical music.

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Backtrack Vocals—January 12, 2019

Backtrack is an a cappella powerhouse located in the one-and-only, New York City. The ensemble proclaims NYC as its playground and muse. Whether a native or a transplant, each member found a home in NYC with Backtrack. The hustle and bustle of the city matches the ensemble’s energy, and just like New York, Andrew, Johnny, Melissa, Mallory and Jordan are a melting pot of cultures and heritages. This diversity is evident in Backtrack’s sound, where each member brings forth his/her own special element.

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Thomas Pandolfi—September 15, 2018

American pianist THOMAS PANDOLFI is an exciting virtuoso who, with each passing season, is becoming more and more sought after by audiences worldwide, and showered with superlatives by critics for his passionate artistry and amazing technique.

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Nashville Legacy—October 19, 2018

Pioneer pianist Floyd Cramer and guitarist Chet Atkins’ names are synonymous with the “Nashville Sound.” Their legacy lives on through Floyd’s grandson, Jason Coleman, and Chet’s niece, Meagan Taylor. They perform the iconic country and pop hits from this era, along with a captivating multimedia presentation and storytelling. Pop/Country Music Tribute.

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