Lompoc Concert Association tickets entitles you to attend concerts at many other venues throughout Southern California without paying any more money. We call this benefit of joining the Lompoc Concert Association reciprocity.

Our nearest reciprocity neighbors are North SLO County (Paso Robles) and Oxnard. Some concerts are in the afternoon, others in the evening. The complete list of concerts in the reciprocity program is available on our website. Also, there is a print out available at the front table at each of our concerts.
All you need to do is call the other venue to let them know you are coming and to see if there have been any changes in their schedule. Then, show up with your ticket in hand. Voila, you can get over 50 concerts for the price of four!

If you have any questions regarding reciprocity, feel free to call our Membership Chair, Nick Sehgal, at (805) 733-3436.